Have you ever imagined celebrating Christmas in the pandemic like how we did in 2020? Thoughts about Christmas used to be about caroling, festivals, celebrations, and fellowships, but it was so different for 2020. Therefore Elyon PG-KG unit also did something different in welcoming Christmas 2020 by doing a “Christmas Home Visit”.  Organizing a home visit during the pandemic was challenging, yet rewarding since we have not met each other in the real classroom due to the pandemic.

I was thrilled to find that finally, I got a chance to meet and talk to my students in person; students whom I had never even met since the first day of the new academic year in July 2020. As their new class teacher, I was curious about their response to our visit.
Some students were a little bit shy or nervous or even turned speechless when they saw us. Fifteen minutes were too short when we engaged in a meaningful conversation with the students and parents. We shared our daily activities at home, reminisced about our old normal school life and friends, and our wishes for the new year. In the end, we prayed together for the students and families. Though we did not meet all of our students, we were still thankful that they were all in good shape.

It was a bliss knowing that our students have been growing up well in this “not so easy” period. Yes, 2020 was not an easy year to walk through especially regarding the distance learning process. However, some mutual efforts of interaction may lead us to better communication and cooperation in the next semester. We do hope that in this new year, new semester,  we will be ready to continue our learning journey together.
Thank you for welcoming us, kiddos!

By Yeti Yuanita, PGKG suko teacher.