Spending three years at Elyon Christian High School (ECS) has been simply remarkable! Looking back at the past, I didn’t realize how much changed, especially with my English. This is because the environment encourages my English development skills. Not to mention, English is becoming the culture in daily conversations here. I’m so glad that I could have close relationships with teachers and staff, where we shared, we laughed, and learned together. Unlike other schools, the relationship between lower and upper classmen are really close, so much that I am close with secondary students! 

In grade 11, I was elected as President of Student council. During my tenure, I learned a lot of experiences on how to be a good leader and how to behave in certain situations. 

In grade 12, ECS was really supportive of students who were planning to study abroad. I was recommended to go to Sun Yat Tsen University, China. Not only that, ECS also managed all of the application procedures. 

In conclusion, I really encourage those who are planning to study abroad and want to experience closeness between friends, to come to study at Elyon Christian High School. With international curriculum, which is the Global Assessment Certificate or GAC, students are prepared to learn as university students do, which are making reports, creating thesis, and doing presentations. Therefore, I, Anderson Siswanto, as an Alumnus of Elyon Christian High School 2018/2019, really recommend this school for newcomers!

Anderson Siswanto (Alumni 2019)

Tzu chi university of Science and Technology, Taiwan

I am very blessed to have studied under the GAC curriculum in high school, because it has equipped me to accomplish my university-level assignments with ease.

Inez Beatrice (Alumni 2017)

Business Major, Purdue University, USA

The guidance and support of Elyon teachers pushed me throughout the rigorous GAC curriculum, but it got me accustomed to the hardships of uni, so I’m very grateful for them!

Fia Sabrina (Alumni 2018)

Forensic Science Major, University of Technology, Sydney

I have been studying at Elyon Christian School for about 15 years. Growing up in a school that teaches Christian values have truly played a role in shaping me to become the person I am today. In those years I was very thankful for a lot of things, like the great teachers and community that were continuously surrounding me and encouraging me. One of the things that makes Elyon special is the community. I love how positive and friendly everyone can be. I love the relationships I can build with the teachers, where I respect them but can also comfortably approach them with questions regarding the lesson without fear and also joke around with them. The teachers never gave up on me in times where I was struggling and they would even incorporate games or any other fun ways to help me understand the lesson better. My friends were also always there for me in case I needed help. My class was very small, and though most people would see that as a downside, I see that as a blessing because there was always a sense of community. Nobody felt unwanted or unaccepted, we were all sitting in the same table at lunch and everyone felt like they belonged. GAC was a very tedious curriculum to go through but it taught me many useful skills that I will need in university. For example, it gave me the skills to make proper research papers and professional slides. All this to say, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing community and to be able to spend the past 15 years in Elyon.

Michelle Yang (Alumni 2019)

Melbourne University

GAC helps me figure out how to break down my task and have a good foundation for researches. 

Thesalonika Shinta pramita (Alumni 2017)

Faculty of Law, Airlangga University

GAC provides a curriculum that improved critical thinking skills, study skills, and communication skills that I needed in university.

Gracielle Ganda (Alumni 2016)

Business Major, Donghua University, Shanghai-China

Thank you Elyon Christian School teachers who taught me and helped me grow both intellectually and spiritually.

Natalya Lim (Alumni 2017)

University of California, Los Angeles