Art Appreciation Night : “Love Will Make a Way”

Ars Gratia Artis

Art for the sake of art

Pentas Seni or art festival is one of the annual activity of Elyon Christian School Primary East. The purpose of this program is showcasing our student’s talents in art, including musical, theater, and craft. This year, they presented a school drama entitled Love Will Make a Way. The musical drama is an adaptation of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. The story tells about Cheryl, a humble girl that got a chance to visit Billy Camp ice cream company after finding a golden stick. Billy Camp makes the best ice cream in the world, and the winner can get a lifetime supply of ice cream. The moral of the story is true love will find a way and bring virtue to those who act on it.

The casts of the drama are mainly the students of Primary 6, however, the other students from the lower class were also prepared special performances. They took a part in the school ensemble which opened the drama beautifully. Elyon primary ensemble combines various music instruments, such as the kulintang, angklung, and violin based on student personal talent and preference. Besides singing and playing musical instruments, our primary east students are also talented dancers. There are some modern dance numbers that were performed cheerfully between scenes, which make the drama livelier and captivating.

The audiences could enjoy the festivities right from the front door, where parents and students held a mini bazaar of food and refreshment. There are also lovely displays of student artwork for their art class, such as plush toys that were handcrafted by students, posters, and also the photo booth for the event. We also had special guests from our Grade 11 students who opened a food stand for their charity project. They made it by themselves to raise a fund in order to provide a public sanitary facility for people in need. 

We are very thankful and amazed for all the effort from students, parents, and teachers that had prepared this event for months. It was such an enjoyable and entertaining night. Hopefully, all the audience also share the sentiment and had a great evening. See you at the next art festival, only at Elyon Primary East Campus, Sutorejo.