Praise God, we have successfully accompanied our Secondary grade 8 & 9 students on October 17-19 2018 for retreat trip. The retreat began with Opening Fellowship to remind students of the purpose of holding a retreat, which is to have a special time with God.

“Be the Winner” was the theme of the retreat this time. We knew that this age is the time our children facing a lot of anxiety. We wished that they will not give up easily but continue to strive and fight until they win over their turmoil. In the first session, through the session with Rev. Joy Manik, God has moved the hearts of children to make Jesus their Lord and Savior. Then in session 2, they continued to be directed to understand that they would live as God’s children who had to leave their bad habits.

The series of events continued with the Prayer and Worship session which brought them to reconcile with their parents. Wholeheartedly, the children read letters from their parents and they also reply to their parents with emotion. Maybe this is one of the precious moments in their lives.
Praise the Lord and thank parents who lovingly tried to write the most important things for their children, so that children can understand how God has blessed them with the best parents.

This retreat ends with outbound and game session for students and teachers. It was truly a beautiful and meaningful moment for us who witnessed the power of the Lord Jesus revealed in this retreat. Thank you for the teachers who accompanied this batch, and also thank you, students, who had followed all session earnestly. Most importantly, thanks to God for giving us a precious moment. Let God be glorified.