Career Day Highlight: IT and Big Data Analytics Workshop

Reported by: Colin Cristo Harianto
Surabaya, 29 October 2020

This workshop was held on Zoom on 22 October 2020 by Elyon Christian School, several attractive workshops were offered for all students. This event also introduced many local and abroad universities and helped students to broaden their knowledge about the various study majors available. One of the workshops was presented by Mr. Sanga from Calvin Institute of Technology and was one of the students’ favorites since it talked about “IT and Big Data Analysis”, a brand new trendy topic nowadays.

The workshop talked about how to use technology and programming language to collect, organize, process, and analyze data. Mostly the programming would use algorithms technique to analyze data and it will suggest conclusions to users. It eliminated the time-consuming factor of searching data, it was cost-saving and effective. Users would be able to make more accurate decisions and achieve more satisfying goals.

This event is conducted every year by Elyon Christian School. However, because of the pandemic, this is the first time it was virtually conducted by Zoom. Thanks to technology that helps all of us a lot nowadays! It is no doubt that the needs of “IT and Big Data Analytics” will surely grow fast in the future. Thanks to Elyon for the workshops offered! We can see a  better future ahead there for all of us!