October marks a very special event for literature and linguistics. We are celebrating “Bulan Bahasa” as an appreciation of Bahasa Indonesia. As our national language, Bahasa Indonesia unifies our rich cultural diversity. We at ECS also celebrated this month through various activities that enhanced student’s love for reading. As one of multilingual school in Surabaya, Elyon Christian School considers linguistic skills as an important aspect in student education. Through this opportunity, we want to develop students’ interest in literature, not only in Bahasa but also in English and Mandarin.  

Each activity was designed to meet students’ need based on their age and grade. The main purpose for this year celebration was to enrich students’ vocabulary. We wanted to build a good reading habit through library time, storytelling, and show and tell activity. We also collaborated with parents for storytelling day where some of the talented parents came into the class as storytellers. Of course, we were very grateful and glad to see how eager and attentive they were during the classes. Especially, our preschool and primary students who really enjoyed learning through storytelling and drama.

The upper-level students were also got opportunities to get closer to literature. They got a longer library time and reading time, where they can choose one book to read together in class. For Secondary and High School students, we had movie time together about natural disasters. In the wake of some natural disasters that happened in our beloved country, learning about it helped students to understand Indonesia topography and geological characteristic.

It was a very inspiring month for us and we glad to see students genuinely enjoyed having more library time in school. By the end of this event, the students were able to tell their own story, share the book that they have read in front of the class, write a story, and making bulletin board about natural disasters. We hope through this event, the students love towards literature will continue to grow until they are adult.