Choosing The Right Stream at Elyon Christian School

The principal informed us at the start of eighth grade that in ninth grade, we would have to choose one of five streams that we were interested in. I was very interested in joining the music stream after learning that the five streams are business, science, music, art & design, and computer science.

Until one day, when the school decided to administer a psychological test to the students. We received the test results a few weeks later. It was recommended that I join either the music or science streams. I was having a difficult time deciding between music and science after consulting with my counsellor and my parents. Because one of my hobbies is music, and on the other hand,

I’m also quite talented in science.
My parents advised me that choosing science would be advantageous, but they would support me in any decision I made. I was given a month to consider my options before making a final decision. I eventually chose the science stream over the social stream because I was more interested in science in high school. I’m still undecided about my university major, but what matters is which stream (science or social) I should pursue first, as I’ll be entering high school next year. I can be prepared to enter a science stream in high school if I choose a science stream. as well as I still have a few years to think about it thoroughly and decide on a major for university. In the years before starting university, I may have different interests.

Full Name : Cheryl

Stream : Science


a note about 5 streams in Elyon: we believe every student is special

we have : Science, Commerce, Music, Computing, Art & Humanities streams which allow your child to reach their dreams.