Cultural Immersion Program with Mundaring Christian College

It is the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey

Elyon Christian School is welcoming the students of our sister school, Mundaring Christian College again this year. Mundaring Christian  College is located on Perth, Australia and it has been a tradition for Elyon Secondary School to have a cultural immersion program every year. This year, we have 19 wonderful students as amiable guests and the Secondary students are excited to have exciting activities together with them.

Welcome Mundaring Christian College

Before heading out to Elyon Christian School, they spent a day at Bee Jay Bakau Resorts with some Elyon students who act as buddies during the visit. They visited Mount Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall before arrived safely at Elyon Christian School. On Monday, we had a fellowship together which is a weekly service for all students at a school. For this week fellowship, the students got a chance to be the song leader and singer as a part of their ministry service. There were also performances from other grades as well, such as the interpretative dance from Grade 5 students, Kulintang performance from grade 7, and DIY music assembly from KG B students.

Batik Tulis Workshop

The highlight of the first-day activity is Batik Tulis workshop from Mr. Prima Amri, the leader of East Java Batik Community. Through this brief opportunity, the student can learn about traditional batik making process as one of Indonesian culture and local wisdom. All grade 9 students and Mundaring students also get a chance to try making their own batik handkerchief using “canting”, “anglo”, and wax. Our country has a lot of precious cultures and we are very glad that we can teach the Mundaring students one of the most popular traditional arts. So grateful that all of us can really enjoy today’s activity.

On the second day, the student had an opportunity to learn more about socio-preneur through a workshop on recycling used tire from The Heart Project. The Heart Project is a community service that turns daily waste into valuables and aesthetic products. Through this opportunity, the students learned to make small pouches from used tires. The hands-on experience allowed the student to experience closely the process of turning things that were considered as garbage into something that had a selling value.


The last activity was celebrating the Moon Cake Festival together. As Elyon Christian School is not only promoting a Mandarin language proficiency but also cross-cultural understanding, celebrating Chinese festivals is also our long-standing tradition. Because of this reason, we want to introduce this culture to the Mundaring students as well. Our Mandarin teachers gave a brief explanation of the Chinese folklore behind the Moon Cake Festival and the students also got a chance to try the mooncake as well.