Elyon Christian School Search for Mr and Ms United Nations

No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, and gender; SPEAK YOURSELF” – Kim Nam Joon

On October 30th – 31st, Elyon Christian School celebrated United Nations Day. Simultaneously, the celebration was held at our Primary East Campus on the 30th and at our West Campus on the 31st. Each class represented one country that is a part of the United Nations and the students got the opportunity international culture through performances and traditional food bazaar. This is one of an annual festival that is celebrated by Elyon to honor the interstate organization promoting human rights, world peace, and social diversity. Through this activity, we want to raise awareness among our students about global issues, like environmental problems, discriminations, and children welfare.

Besides having colorful performances by the students that represent a few UN countries, our east campus also had a speech competition about the traditional food based on the assigned country of each class. Not only telling a story about the food, but the class representative also has to show how to make it and explain it to the audience. There were also dance and singing performances from each class in the native language of their assigned country as well. Congratulation for grade P1, P2, and P6 which won the competition and splendidly entertaining the audience.

While at our west campus, the United Nations Day celebrations also run not less lively. There was a line dance competition where each class performed a traditional song from the country represented by them. The lower primary classes performed Indonesian traditional group dances and the upper primary presented the piece from other countries. Congratulation for grade P4B, grade P4A dan grade P1A who won the best performance of United Nation Day 2018. It is very interesting to learn about international culture in a fun and entertaining way. Thumbs up for all the students who practiced diligently for the performances.


However, the main event is, of course, the final of Mr. and Ms. United nation 2018. The 12 candidates from grade P5 and P6 acted as the representative from selected UN countries which are Japan, Spain, England, USA, Philippines, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Egypt, China, and Germany. The show began with a Parade of Nations where all contestants showed their best look in National costume. There are several points of assessment that were considered, including stage presentation, personal talent, and answering questions about protecting the Mother Earth. We are very proud that all the contestants are eager to speak their opinion to solve Congratulation to Maggie and Jerome from 5B that represent Spain for becoming Mr. and Ms. United Nations Day Elyon 2018. Jerome stated that lacking education is one of the biggest problems besides pollution that is threatened our Mother Earth because without proper education people will not know the best way of preserving our resources and protecting the Earth. Overall, we are very proud to all the students that have participated in this activity and showing their best effort. We hope through this celebration, all of us aware that we actually share our Earth with a lot of people from different nations. Without mutual effort and sincere cooperation from each party, nothing much we can do to save the Earth.