High School Student Council on Duty

Last September for our open house event, the High School Student Council officers had the opportunity to assist teachers in hosting the Amazing Race Competition. Here is how two of our officers described their experience.

It was my first time assisting teachers in hosting a competition. It was a fun experience. I enjoyed the whole event. 

Teachers had the best ways to deal with the younger students; they were very patient in dealing with the students’ difficulties and they were very understanding. They also patiently waited for the other students to complete the given task. I could see the younger students were comfortable with it. I hope I can follow their ways to deal with younger students and make them comfortable too.

I assisted Ms. Larmy in the English post, where the students must be able to arrange as many words as possible in the given time. Participants should have good teamwork in order to complete the task. I hope we can have these kinds of events again in the future.

Maedeline Jane Gotama

I have been assisting teachers in school events that put me as a student into the perspective of a teacher running the events they hold. I was involved in the Amazing Race competition during our school’s Open House last September. I was tasked with the English post to assist Ms. Larmy.

At first, I thought that dealing with the younger students would be challenging because it’s been true in my past experiences in assisting events like this. Yet, we tried our best to have minimal errors. We had a problem with overtime issues but we resorted to just accepting every participant and continuing the games which paid off. Despite all these challenges, I would say that we still nailed it! Both students and teachers worked in unison to create a fun environment for everyone

Jason Johanes Siwabessy