Elyon Christian School

Holistic Education


ECS offers an educative environment that focuses toward individual development in the following areas: Christ-centric, character, competence, creativity, and physical well-being. By seamlessly integrating the 5K principles across all ECS learning activities, students are nurtured to become holistic learners and future leaders that are highly valued in the 21st Century.


Christ is in the center of everything that we do. As students go through an educative journey in a Christ-centered atmosphere, spiritual development is built upon a strong Christian foundation


We believe that success is achieved with great character. Our students hone Biblical character traits to prepare them to become individuals who are well-equipped to face the changing world and its challenges.


ECS aims to produce highly-effective individuals that bring value to those around them with Cambridge Curriculum and Assessment. The help of qualified teachers in delivering cutting edge curricula, students can possess knowledge and sharpen creative thinking, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that are so needed in the future.


Our learning activities stimulate each student to explore their creativity in coming up with innovative solutions to different problems. Learning in an environment where creativity is valued allows students to develop confidence and eagerness to discover new breakthroughs.


We realize that physical well-being plays an important role in enabling people to perform to the best of their abilities. At ECS, adopting and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is encouraged for long-term benefits that will improve quality of life.
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