Independence Day Celebration 2018

Reach your ambition as high as the skies! Dream it as high as the skies! ~ Ir. Sukarno

The Indonesian Independence Day Celebration is an annual event that celebrated in Elyon Christian School. This year, we continue the tradition and take this chance to introduce Indonesian culture to our students. Each unit is celebrating with “Tujuhbelasan” traditional games festival, which is something that has been anticipated by our students every year. Ir. Sukarno ever said in one of his famous speech that Indonesia is a fighting nation that will struggle continuously to overcome our weakness. We want to pass on this spirit in a fun way; through exciting game and competition. Our country is rich in admirable values, such as teamwork, endurance, passionate and sportsmanship. While completing their task in the game, the students are able to learn those values and implement them in their daily life in the future. Of course, their adorable expression throughout the activity is also something that we want to see as well. Enjoy their enthusiasm through these photos below.