By Keziah L – Grade 8 

Can you believe it has been two years since this pandemic occurred? Ever since 2020, we haven’t been able to go to school and study like we used to. I miss being able to spend time and have fun with the other friends and teachers. What passes for normal life now happens almost entirely online, such as ordering foods or drinks, schools and education, sharing a moment with friends, communication, jobs, mention it all. I remember the first time using the Zoom app, I struggled a lot trying to figure out how to actually use the app. But hey, at least I’ve familiarized myself with it now. 


The year 2021 has passed by and 2022 has come. I’ve planned my new year’s resolutions. It is the golden time for us when we all make some goals and promises to ourselves to change this year, and there is not a bad thing at all in this. This year, I want to learn and try something new everyday, every week and even every month. As human beings, learning and trying makes us greater and smarter than others and it gives us more knowledge and experiences in life. Being active and doing exercises daily would also definitely be in my bucket list. It is a very essential and important life lesson everyone should take seriously before your body starts catching diseases. One last thing, making new connections, let’s not forget about this. As we all know, humans are social creatures which means we can’t live nor survive alone and we need people. Social networking helps us to become successful as well. I mean, who doesn’t want to become successful? I’m sure everyone wants to. I personally think that my socializing skills aren’t that good so I wish to improve myself, mingle with others, you know. 


Well that being said, these are my 2022 resolutions. Meanwhile, what are yours? Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still limiting all of us from doing activities, let’s not give them the chance to break our spirit to stay productive and improve ourselves. Just because we’re stuck in quarantine, that doesn’t mean we’re not able to do other things. Your life is yours to make great. A new year can be the beginning of you living the way you’ve always wanted. The opportunity of finally achieving all the goals and desires you have. It can all start with making the right resolutions! This corona outbreak won’t be able to stop you and I from living our life to its fullest. Of course, it takes time and patience for us to attain our aim, step by step.