Learn with Us

As a progressive education, Elyon Christian School strives to give the best program to our students. We combine national and international curriculum in order to create one integrated curriculum that is engaging and suitable for the global advance. We provide a well-rounded and limitless opportunity for our students to explore each subject within the established holistic foundation.


Teaching Approach

Our program is designed for the children ages 1,5 years through 7-years by enriching their experiences  to develop holistically. We provide children with the opportunity to learn about God’s love for them through Bible stories, Bible verses, songs and daily practices. We teach basic principles concerning godly character such as loving one another, sharing, kindness, attentiveness, etc. in the whole area of learning.

We deliver the specific topics based on the student’s appropriate age in the class by providing centers inside the class. Children are asked to learn by exploring, observing and discovering about the topics given through the centers provided. We use this method to develop and understand their multiple intelligences because we believe that God has created each child in a special way.

There are 8 centers which are available for students to explore. They are: Language, Blocks, Drama, Cognitive, Science, Music, Art, Water and sand .     


We use Montessori approach to deliver the learning process. We use practical, sensory, math and language materials from Montessori approach to teach our student how to be independent and attentive in class as a part of school readiness preparation. We build their eyes and hand coordination. We also strengthen their motor skills before they are ready to read and write through practical and sensorial materials.   

Children learn from the concrete objects, before they learn the abstract concept. We teach the fundamental concept of numbers, colors, shapes, size, and others in fun ways by using interactive teaching aids in Math materials. We also integrate the language tools in teaching children how to read. We use phonics so the children are able to read by recognizing the sounds of letters, to combine the letters into words and words into sentences in a good structure.


Teaching Approach

Integrated Teaching Learning (ITL)

ITL is a program that is designed to discover efficiency of a lesson towards student’s competence development. It is consist of discussion in a small group to encourage critical thinking skills, communication skills, information processing, and understanding the main issue of a problem.

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a process where students are required to preview the lesson at home through key point summary, videos, online discussion or journals. The teachers will guide the students to get a better understanding of the topic in the classroom through projects, class discussion, laboratory research, and deep explanation.

The traditional classroom teaching approach lies heavily on the teacher explaining the subject during the lesson and the students are given tasks and homework as a method of reviewing. The flipped classroom method will give the students a better understanding instead of the traditional one, while developing their soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning.

Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a method to develop the problem-solving ability through real-life experience. The students are encouraged to find a solution through these stages:

  1.    An orientation of the problem
  2.    Organizing individual task
  3.    Supervision on individual or group analysis
  4.    Presentation solution of the problem

Discovery Learning

Discovery learning encourages the students to have a hands-on experience based on conceptual lesson and theory. The teachers will guide the students to analyze the concept meticulously and do the experiments that allow the students to formulate their own theory based on the concept that has been explained before.

Mandarin Curriculum

As one of the multilanguage schools in Surabaya, the subject of Mandarin is an important part of the Elyon Christian School curriculum. By providing good quality learning, we hope students can be fluent in Mandarin in academic practice and when facing work challenges after they graduate. Of course, each class is carried out in an interactive, dynamic and vibrant classroom environment.

The learning process of Mandarin at Elyon Christian School is specifically designed to meet the students’ need for Mandarin competence, both active and passive. All learning materials are specifically designed by an experienced curriculum team by adapting learning materials in China. Elyon’s distinctive Mandarin curriculum not only equips students with language skills that can be directly applied in everyday situations but is also supported by the selection of topics that support Christian character education.

We have arranged the schedule so that at least every day students get slots for the Mandarin subject. Therefore, students can continue to practice and achieve a level of fluency according to international standards. We also provide experienced teachers from China with the competence of teaching children and Mandarin as a second language. Besides, we also routinely prepare students to take the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or HSK exam, which is an internationally recognized Mandarin proficiency test.


The main objectives of the Mandarin Language curriculum at Elyon Christian School are prioritizing proficiency in 4 aspects of learning, which are:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Therefore, in each class students are taught through dictation exercises, memorizing texts, writing short essays, memorizing Bible verses, and also role-plays. Specifically for secondary and high school levels, students are also given individual and group projects related to the topic being discussed as well as Chinese culture.

There are also Mandarin enrichment programs for students who have special interests and talents in Mandarin. The enrichment is conducted after school and intended for students who have a great talent in writing or competition preparation. We also provide special classes for students who will take the HSK exam every Saturday, according to the level that will be taken (HSK 1-5). Elyon Christian School also collaborates with universities in China to provide scholarship programs for Elyon graduates who have passed level 4-5 HSK exams and assists students who wish to enroll in universities in China through regular selections.

We also routinely hold cultural celebrations to nurture students’ interest in the Mandarin language that is related to Chinese cultures, such as the moon cake festival and Chinese New Year celebrations. During those weeks, students come to school in traditional clothing, make handicrafts together, and cook Chinese specialties.