The preschool program at Elyon Christian School educates students in a Christian environment using a thematic national curriculum. We combine the thematic curriculum and Biblical characters by understanding children’s needs and learning styles so that they master academic skills, become lifelong self-directed learners, and exemplary examples of Godly Character.

Curriculum Overview

Our program gives children ages 1,5 years through 6-years of enriching opportunities to develop the whole child. We provide children with the opportunity to learn about God’s love for them through Bible stories, Bible verses, and songs. We teach basic principles concerning godly character such as loving one another, sharing, kindness, attentiveness, etc. in the whole area of learning. Children are encouraged to know God’s love for them.

Play to Learn

Our focus is to deliver learning experience through child-directed play experiences as well as design thinking activities. We believe a balance of play and learn in preschool enhances growth and development in all areas: physically, socially, emotionally, creatively, and intellectually. This is achieved in a safe, secure, and loving Christian environment with teachers who are dedicated to enriching children’s lives.

6 Developmental Areas

  1. Moral and religion
  2. Social-emotional
  3. Language
  4. Cognitive
  5. Physical motoric
  6. Art

Personalized Classroom Experience

We design and structure our classes to meet the needs of every student. We create opportunities for students to develop important skills, such as collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking. Students can learn in many different ways, both inside and outside the classroom, as well as through digital learning opportunities.

Thematic Lessons

We deliver specific topics according to the proper ages in the class by designing thematic activities for the students. Each theme is carefully selected to help students understand their inner-self and surrounding. We provide centers inside the classroom where students can learn by exploring, observing, and applying their skills to the theme given. Each topic will be related to Biblical value. We introduce biblical figures to them and help them understand the message of the story. We also implement the characters from school values (Love, Endurance, Advance, Decency) based on the theme given to nurture their character growth.

Life Skills & Arts

We ensure that each activity teaches students life skills that enable them to solve problems, work well with others, and develop communication skills. This approach enables them to grow the critical thinking skills that will help them to be ready for entering the Primary level. Students are encouraged to observe the world around them, find the problems, and confidently answer their questions. We also introduce many forms of art to encourage students to express their feeling and nurture creativity through craft projects and performing arts lessons (dancing, choir, music theory, and ensemble)

Language Competency

Our school provides a wholesome learning experience in three languages, English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Indonesia to develop their communication skills and prepare them for the next level. We ensure students acquire their language competency at correct steps and fun ways based on their age.

We use English as the language of instruction and provide Chinese lessons. Students enrich their vocabularies and verbal expression through storytelling, songs, and role-plays. In Playgroups they start by learning Phonics, tracing, and communicate through full sentences. In Kindergarten, students start to learn reading and writing both in English, Mandarin, and also Bahasa Indonesia. 

Sensory-Motor Skills

 Our class activities are centered on sensory and motor development. Sensory-motor skills are the basic foundation for learning that will help students prepare their bodies and brain to learn. The Montessori approach uses practical, sensory, math, and language to deliver the materials. We offer students opportunities to develop their own capabilities and at their own pace. Other activities, such as PE, soft gym, and sensory play build hand and eye coordination and strengthen their motor skills before they are ready to read and write. We also introduce the environment to students through sight, sounds, smell, taste, and hearing experience. Students are encouraged to be independent, attentive, and confident in class as a part of school readiness preparation.

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