Primary years are where we lay the educational pillars for our students so they can flourish God’s given potential. It is a critical time for students as they are challenged to take a stance in academic advancement. Through every lesson and learning activity, we emphasize that God’s truth is the only way to reach the highest degree of knowledge.

Curriculum Overview

Our primary level uses an integrated curriculum that is thoroughly designed to foster a Biblical framework and a solid learning foundation. We aim to develop good learning habits, including discipline, respect, awareness, and independence. These habits support the growths in intellectual, aesthetic, physical, cultural and social areas of child development and help them to be a responsible human being, who constantly seek God’s will.

Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge Curriculum is an internationally admitted education curriculum which we apply to all primary 1-6 students, with the main subjects being English, Mathematics, Science, and ICT. All of the teachers in charge of these subjects are certified and highly qualified to provide a well-rounded school experience that centers around critical thinking, problem-solving and self-development. At the end of Grade 6, our students will take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint to benchmark their performance using an international standard.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom is where students are required to preview the lesson at home using previously-distributed key point summaries, videos, online discussions, or journals. The teachers will guide the students to get a better understanding of the topic in the classroom through projects, class discussions, laboratory researches, and in-depth explanations. The flipped classroom method will give students a more thorough learning experience instead of the traditional way of learning. This method will allow students to develop their soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning in more natural ways.

Fostering a Love of Learning

We hope to foster a love of learning in each student we have in our care. We provide opportunities for students to gain responsibility, to be well-rounded, and to reach their highest potential. Students are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and pursue their interests. They are given the same opportunity to grow as a special individual. We believe that this step is very important to build a strong foundation on their educational journey.

Christian Value

Starting from Primary 1, students are encouraged to read the Bible and reflect on His words daily through morning devotion. Primary years is all about giving a good foundation for their learning journey. It is important to make sure that students understand that God’s love is the core of all knowledge. We also implement our school values in each subject and class activities. Students learn to give and share their blessings through charity projects and the Shepherd leadership program. In the upper primary level, sex education and retreat are scheduled. Through this program, We encourage each student to build a close and intimate relationship with God.

Enrichment Programs

Students can pursue their interests in Maths, Science, and Mandarin by joining enrichment programs. It helps to teach life skills that benefit beyond the classroom, such as leadership, teamwork, independence, and social responsibility. Through Innovation Class, students can explore ordinary issues from a scientific point of view and find solutions. The fun and challenging game based Apps; KooBits gives significant results in increasing student interest in Math and students are free to use the Apps on their past time. Mandarin classes are also designed with varied activities that promote cross-cultural understanding such as the celebration of festivals and literature appreciation.

Holistic Development

Our Primary focus to educate students as a whole. It means, we perpetually care to the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of students. Our main goal is to help students become progressive thinkers that posses 21st century skills such as active learning, critical thinking, collaboration, technological skills, and knowledge on life skills. In living value class, students are encouraged to  form self-identities and create self- awareness to help them tackle challenge in the future. Through performing art classes, students are able to express their feeling thought art creation and appreciation. The coding & robotic class give them technological knowledge that fits with future demands. Students are also learn real live skills through collaborative subject, which focusing on giving students a real experiment on how class subjects are implemented in daily life.


Students need literacy in order to engage with the written word in everyday life. Literacy plays a vital role in transforming students into socially engaged citizens. The means of literacy never limited to the practical skill, but should be able to nurture students skills in effective communication and digital literacy to keep up with current events. Through morning pages and literacy class, we help students to grow a habit of making a journal and creative writing. We encourage students to cherish the library time, where they can borrow books, have a extensive reading time, and browse the digital sources through save and supervised activities. Silent reading activity allows students to read their favorite book before the class begin. We also provides reading corner in classes to make them enjoy reading during their past time