My First Mission Trip

Recently, I’ve been interested in doing community service, giving back to society with what I can do, and I finally got a chance to do it. It was a very fun experience for me and I enjoyed it so much. I participated in 2 events. The first one was in Gereja Baptis Indonesia Pengharapan or also known as GBPI, which I got to help in medicating other people in needs. A lot of people, adults and kids too, came to get their health checked up. Seeing others like this, I felt so blessed. Whenever I got sick, I got to go see a doctor and pay the bills with no worries at all. Whenever I felt hungry, I got to eat good foods, which resulting in me getting enough nutritions my body needs, and so on. 

The most fun part was I got to do this with a few of my friends. We got to spend our Saturday together and help other people. Not only with my schools friends, but also with ME Care organization. Through this experience, I got to meet new people from Hong Kong, which became my friends. Finally, after years learning Mandarin, I got to use them to communicate with these people from Hong Kong. The first day of my community service was a blast I should say.

The second day, I went on a trip to Jombang, specifically SMA Trensains Tebuireng, with some of my friends and ME Care organization. It was a very different community for me. I was excited and curious at the same time about what’s it going to be like in a place where I was surrounded by people not having the same religion as me, what their impressions about me were, and what kind of school that was. When we arrived at the school, we were welcomed so warmly. People there were so enthusiastic and very friendly, especially the tenth graders. My friend and I were assigned to teach them dancing. It was so much fun even though I’m not a good dancer comparing to the other 2 of my friends. I also got to interact with them, took some pictures together and also exchanged phone numbers. Moreover, the overall experience I got from the past 2 days was so memorable and such a blast even though it was tiring. I am so thankful to be given the chance to give back to society with my friends, which made the whole trip very exciting!

By Cherryl Lim, grade XII