The will of God is always a bigger thing than we bargain for, but we must believe that whatever it involves, it is good, acceptable and perfect.” Jim Eliot

The second week of December 2018 was a memorable weekend for Elyon Christian High School students. Starting from Friday (7/12), students went to Besowo, one of the villages in Kediri for their Outreach Mission Trip (OMT) program. This event is a part of the community service project by high school students, which consists of three main activities; worship ministry, teaching English and social services.

The OMT activity lasted for two days and preparation was coordinated by a committee chaired by Vincent Ariel Tju (HS-11). One of the preparations that must be done was raising funds and donations for villagers. For the sake of getting as much donation as possible, students conducted various charity event at school and public places. For example, they sold fried rice at the United Nation Day Celebration, distributed donation cards, and also opened a tenant for selling cheap shoes and preloved items at Bungkul Park.

The first day began with a ministry for prayer and worship for children at GKJW Besowo, where students led the services and shared gifts of stationery and snacks. They continued it by leading youth services and performed a mini-drama. On the second day, the students were divided into teams to teach English at SDN Besowo and SMP PGRI Besowo. They came in during classes and taught primary students the correct pronunciation and English grammars. After they are done with teaching, they visited unfortunate families and distributed food essentials for those in needs. During the activity, students had the opportunity to interact directly with residents in Besowo and experienced their daily lives. We are very grateful to the residents of Besowo who warmly welcomed the Elyon Christian School group and even allowed students to stay in their homes.

Many valuable experiences gained by students and helped them learn to face challenges and solve problems. They learned how hard it was to earn money and also to overcame embarrassment and reluctance when asking people for a donation. Even on D-5, the funds needed were still quite a lot, but they did not feel discouraged. They diligently earned and sought the fund until God finally blessed this project with an abundant donation. How happy we are to witness the children’s faith growing during the OMT project, where they work sincerely to serve others. We also thank the parents and students of Elyon Christian School from the preschool to high school levels who have given donations and also supported this activity. Let’s grow and share together in the love of Jesus