Primary 5 Field Trip to Amartim TNI AL

Our military strength is a prerequisite to peace, but let it be clear we maintain this strength in the hope it will never be used. ~ Ronald Reagan

Our five grade students just had the PKn Field Trip on 9 October 2018 to Amartim TNI AL. We were so grateful for the opportunity and warm hospitality from the staff of Amartim TNI AL towards Elyon’s pupils. The objective of this field trip is to learn about the Nation’s Defense system. Because our beloved city is the home of the largest and strongest navy base of Indonesia, it is only right to take a closer look at its system and history.

Presentation by a Navy Officer

First of all, the group visited the nautical museum of Amartime which showcased Indonesian naval history and development. The museum had collections of warships miniature model and also the ancient original photo of important moments from our naval history. It was an exciting experience since they could trace the remnant of the glory of our Navy soldiers. Learning about history is important because we can understand our weakness and mistake to build a better future for our world. By being inside a magnificent hall that filled with the history of Indonesia, we hope student can understand and get a real impression on how we fought together for independence.


The student also had a rare opportunity to step on KRI Dewaruci, the Indonesian largest warship. KRI Dewaruci is the pride of Indonesian National Military-Naval Service. She is the largest tall ship in the Indonesian fleet and serves as a sail training vessel for our naval cadets.

The barquentine even won Cutty Shark Trophy for Tall Ships Race at Australia on 1998. Through this opportunity, the students learned about naval defense and warship anatomy. They also got a closer look at how the navy cadets are trained before they are officially inaugurated through the presentations from one of the officer. Thankyou Amartim Surabaya for sharing your story with Elyon Christian School grade 5 students.