Spring Festival at Ciputra World

At 4 pm on February 13, 2019, the spring festival celebration of the kindergarten Elyon Christian School was held as scheduled at Ciputra World. The staff arrived at the scene early, arranged the venue and inspected the equipment. At 3 pm, many parents and students came to the event. Everything is ready, accompanied by the light and lively glittering twilight, the children on the stage danced a cheerful dance, and the excellent and well-organized New Year activities kicked off on time.

The party is divided into three parts, one is the parent-child fashion show competition, where mothers and children took the stage harmoniously. After that, we had the children’s personal catwalk competition and continued by a poetry recitation by students. Between the competition, the guest enjoyed lovely and cheerful performances that specially prepared by the students.

The celebration began with a singing performance from playgroup A and playgroup B students. In the joyful atmosphere of the New Year, young and beautiful mothers with their adorable children brought us a beautiful visual feast. Traditional clothing combined with modern design, worn on the mother and children gracefully. Every mother took the children to the stage with a brisk pace, and they all received warm applause from the audience. At that moment, they were the most dazzling stars on the stage.

Then the students of Kindergarten A and B were having poem recitation competition. They vividly showed us the children’s expectations for the New Year and the joy of the New Year through the poems “Looking for the New Year” and “New Year”. Don’t look at their small presence, all of them have the same strength to give the best performances. They delivered the poem clearly and full of confidence.

In addition to fashion shows and poetry recitation, some of the kindergarten students sang “Chun Xiao”, a catchy and cheerful song inspired by a poem from the Tang Dynasty with simple and brisk music. In harmony with childish tender children’s voice, brought us into a spring vibrant morning. After the beautiful performances, it was time to announce the winner of the competition. We rewarded student’s efforts with excellence award and also the top three best performance.

The success of this celebration was inseparable from the careful preparation of all the preschool teachers. Of course, it is even more inseparable from the support and cooperation of dear parents and lovely children. I was really amazed and charmed by the cuteness of all the students which will be memorable memories for us. I hope that in the future, these students can still be as humble, cute and confident as they are now! Finally, bless everyone to be healthy and happy in the New Year!

Contributor: Huang Shu Ling