By : Rizky Indra Patria, M.Pd (Students Counselor)
The Change

The Covid-19 pandemic impacts major changes and challenges in all aspects of life, including the educational scope. As an important aspect of human development, schools have a significant role to prepare student’s growth in hard and soft skills. Schools and more specifically teachers have to understand the level of teenagers’ development at the junior and senior high school levels in order to cope with this condition well.


The Generation Z

Teenagers nowadays are considered as Generation Z or internet generation (Born between 1995-2010). Cornelly (2018) revealed that Generation Z is the youngest generation who just entered the workforce. Generation Z has more social relations through cyberspace. Since childhood, this generation has been widely introduced by technology and very familiar with smartphones so that they are known as a creative generation.


We are Facing the rapid technological advancement. This is why we need to prepare our young generation to facing the era of Society 5.0. the definition of this society is we are solving various challenges and social problems by utilizing various innovations. As they were born in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 where the Internet uses on almost every part of human interaction (browsing internet for everything we need), Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence), Big Data (large amounts of data), and robots to improve the quality of human life is become much more common.
As the Society 5.0 are growing, it can also be interpreted as a concept of a human-centered and technology-based society.

The 21st Century Skill

There are twelve of 21st Century skills: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, Technology literacy, Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social skills. These skills are 12 abilities that today’s students need to succeed in their careers during the Information Age. Only by education, our generation grow exponentially and be the best version of ourselves to win the future competition. 

Elyon Christian School

Schools and teachers can guide and direct students in the learning process so they have the competency and develop excellency in hard & soft skills which include 21 century skills.  Those skills need to be integrated into all of the subjects holistically. Furthermore, in Elyon Christian School we also plan to complete the program by enhancing the approach of student counseling in the 21st century’s education framework, which finally will prepare our students to be ready to enter university and engage with the international community well.