by Laarni Umoc – Elyon Christian School – Primary Teacher

Disturbed, clearly as it is, in the spinning, glowing sphere,
When I strode across the road, pondering what happened there
I stopped and stood very still; thought I found the answer.
“Ah, Mister,” I muttered, “tell me, how to raise its banner?”
Silence. Nothing heard.

Much I marvelled how you vigorously fought for a reason,
with your love to our motherland, surely not a treason.
Astonished with your sacrifice and respect for this nation,
“Tell me,” said I, “what to parade, to preserve in my generation?”
Tall stone. Answer me. Do you hear me?

Why so still? – oh please, I am in despair.
Struggling to be like you – see what happened there,
Nothing I can do to wave the banner just like you.
How to be devoted like you do, in the morrow a new?
Stand! I should hear from you.

“Patriotism! Patriotism!” quoth the strange voice.
“Sacrifice, save, see how your nation employs,
don’t just stand there and talk no more!” he cried.
“Who is that?” said I, “you scare me all the more.”
Did you hear? Aha, he’s talking!

Amusing – the stone is with a companion, right behind a tall,
“Lad, what do you want to inquire?” he called.
“You heard them all, I guess,” fretted I, “old man?”
“Surely,” he quipped, “your burden I heard before you began.”
Now, the birth of a new stone has come around.

Patriotism he uttered, sacrifice, save the nation as added,
I sought the truth of this long, lasting wisdom that landed.
Thrilled to be me, motherland, you’ll be proud of me.
“But Sir,” said I, “why with the staircase of sorrow I see?”
The stone, the stone – he plea.

Taken down, broken by authority, that landmark we glee,
At the hero’s monument, they said it’s no longer like, you see.
“Should the statue be torn down?” I complained.
“Yes,” quoth the man with a calm face. He remained.
Ah, there – a newly erected stone – Speechless!