Elyon Christian School (ECS) begins its journey with a longing to prepare the young generation to become future leaders in Christ. It aimed to provide students with holistic education that is based upon a Christian foundation. After going through a meticulous process of research, development and training, it finally opened its doors in 2002 with just 43 students. Since then, ECS has grown and opened more campuses in the West and East of Surabaya.

ECS has been committed to providing students with internasional-based curriculum. It officially became the Center of Cambridge International in 2010 and has continued to improve the quality of its teachers in delivering the curriculum through professional training.

In 2014, Elyon Christian School became the first school in Surabaya that partnered with Global Assessment Certificate to provide high-school students with curriculum that have been widely acclaimed in universities around the world. This provided students with opportunities to continue their studies overseas.

Since the graduation of our first alumni in 2016, we have seen our students flourishing in prestigious universities around the world. To date, ECS continues to foster a Christ-centered environment where a generation of future leaders with a global perspective and strong Biblical traits are built.